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marah nature reserve hub

Tyre, Lebanon


DI-Lab, Department of Architecture and Design, American University of Beirut
Karim Najjar, Omaya Malaeb, Ahmad Nouraldeen
Mohamad Nazar(Student Assistant), Diana Zoueini, Fatmeh Bahsoun, Jad Najm, Mira Al Jawahiry, Nadine Eid, Omar Faress Darwiche, Racha Doughman, Sari Kantari, Lana Barakeh, Lea Ramadan
Partners & Consultants
Civil Minds (Anwar Antoun)
Tyre Coast Nature Reserve(NGO)
Lorenzo Tugnoli

Lebanon’s southern beaches along the coast of Tyre are home to an abundance of local wildlife and are popular nesting sites for the endangered Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles. The warm waters and abundance of recreational activities have also turned Tyre into one of Lebanon’s most popular beach communities, with thousands visiting the sandy shores each year.

However, a lack of awareness about the marine biodiversity and the importance of responsible use of the coast among locals and visitors alike is resulting in the severe destruction of habitat and an increase in the endangered species of marine and coastal wildlife. In an effort to reduce environmental impact, locals have since created a number of organizations concerned with conserving life along the coast but continue to struggle with effectively circulating information about their work.

To help local NGO’s spread awareness about such pressing issues, DI-LAB teamed up with environmental consultants and the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve to design Marah, an innovative information hub and gathering site on Tyre’s sandy coast.

Design for Communities (D4C Beirut)

Sadat Street, Aramouny Building, Floor 2
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Organizer: Karim Najjar (Founder/President)
Ministry of Interior Affairs, Lebanon Reg. Nr. 2062