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Play Tent

Bar Elias, Lebanon, 2018-2019

The project consists of the creation of a playground for the Kayany makeshift school in Bar Elias, Lebanon, an all-girls school for Syrian refugees aged 12 and above, which is subject to the harsh climate conditions of the Bekaa valley.

A shading structure made of steel pipes and tensile materials was built at the center of the empty playground, providing sheltered space for young girls to play, depending on their needs. Multifunctional seating made of local recyclable materials was designed and built to give students the opportunity to enjoy different levels of activity in relative comfort.

Design for Communities (D4C Beirut)

Sadat Street, Aramouny Building, Floor 2
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Organizer: Karim Najjar (Founder/President)
Ministry of Interior Affairs, Lebanon Reg. Nr. 2062

Design for Communities (D4C Vienna)

Thinking Hand Verein zur Stärkung und Förderung sozialer Bauprojekte Eingetragener Verein

Seidlgasse 41/5A
A-1030 Vienna, Austria


Organizer: Rames Najjar (Founder/President)
ZVR-Zahl 1441311513