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The Social Circus

Location: Not specified


Design for Communities

Karim Najjar, Sarah Rita Kattan, Ghida Bsat

Rida Karaki, Israa Alameh
The Social Circus refers to the use of circus art as a medium for self-improvement, social skills and wellbeing to improve the psychosocial situation of disadvantaged children and youth in underprivileged areas. It is a mobile demountable structure that could be moved throughout Lebanon to different locations based on the needs of the community and allow circus activities, training and performance to be delivered in it.

The design proposes a user-friendly, deployable and mobile structure in the shape of a dome. The dome space can be adjusted and customized according to the needs of each trainee and performer. The structure accommodates the gathering of 200+ audience. This is done by the creation of deployable stairs that can be easily added or removed depending on the number of audience.

Social circus is a vehicle for transformation, discipline, creativity, and artistic expression in addition to teaching circus skills. The activities vary as much as the benefits do vary on the psychological and physical level. This project aims to provide a social circus training space that can be easily displayed and transformed into performance space in any location.

Design for Communities (D4C Beirut)

Sadat Street, Aramouny Building, Floor 2
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Organizer: Karim Najjar (Founder/President)
Ministry of Interior Affairs, Lebanon Reg. Nr. 2062