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Shams Library for Refugee Children

Majdel Anjar, Lebanon, 2016

DI-Lab teamed up with the Kayany Foundation and AUB’s CCECS who are currently operating the Majdel Anjar School for refugees to integrate a library as an informal learning area that would benefit from passive climatic design strategies capable of optimizing learning conditions. Developed as a deployable system, the structure was designed with relocation and cost-efficiency in mind. The interdisciplinary team of students and professionals applied their action-oriented approach by placing design experimentation and innovation at the core of the creative process.

 DI-Lab, Department of Architecture and Design, American University of Beirut

 Karim Najjar, Balsam Madi, Ahmad Nouraldeen

 Betina Abi Habib, Natasha Bou Akl, Andrea Comair, Mohamad Deeb, Joseph El Jadam, Tina Najia, Mohamad Nazar, Fayssal Yatim

Design for Communities (D4C Beirut)

Sadat Street, Aramouny Building, Floor 2
Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Organizer: Karim Najjar (Founder/President)
Ministry of Interior Affairs, Lebanon Reg. Nr. 2062

Design for Communities (D4C Vienna)

Thinking Hand Verein zur Stärkung und Förderung sozialer Bauprojekte Eingetragener Verein

Seidlgasse 41/5A
A-1030 Vienna, Austria


Organizer: Rames Najjar (Founder/President)
ZVR-Zahl 1441311513